Every Photograph

Is a Moment

Every image I capture is a person, a place, a time—a moment in history. Each one has a story that I never forget. Enjoy this collection of my personal favorites. If you'd like me to capture your story, send me an inquiry today.

Female pastor embracing a congregation member in a hug
Mother and father laughing and hugging their kids on a couch
A room shared by two kids with bunk beds
A young pro golfer hitting a ball out of a sandtrap
A Mercedes Benz sports car parked in front of a large mansion
A grandfather holding his young granddaughter
A store owner sitting at their cash register
A group of nuns talking with one of them leaning back and smiling
The 18th hole of a golf course at sunrise
A young couple sitting on a couch smiling
A young mother and father sitting on a couch with their newborn baby
A father holding his son on the 18th hole of a golf course
The winner of a golf tournament drinking beer out of the trophy cup
A young golfer being hugged by his grandfather
Two young female store owners posing together outside of their store
A green Porsche parked in front of an upscale clothing store
A husband and wife competing in a marriage trivia game
An older lady worshiping during a Christian church service
A Catholic priest praying by himself
A husband and wife sitting on a couch smiling
A little girl smiling with her hands on her chin
A female hiker jumping across a gap in the rocks
A pretty young woman standing up in a tree
A handsome young couple laughing and hugging
A female pastor speaking in front of a church
A young couple dancing and laughing together
A young boy playing with a toy
A profile shot of a young woman sitting on a chair at the beach
Three young girls sitting on the grass talking together
A pair of golden earrings hanging from a tree branch
Young couple smiling with the wife's head on the husband's shoulder
Kind Words From Clients

Lauren B.

Mark is fun to work with because he’s kind, easy to talk to, and passionate about what he does. It shows in the excellence of his photos. Plus, he has a great work ethic and always has quick turnaround. I love looking at the photos he delivers because they are always beautiful!

My Favorite Image Is the Next One I Take for You

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