"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."

Destin Sparks

It's about preserving memories.

Hi there! I'm Mark, a creator based in Beaver, PA. I've embraced this artform because photos and videos help us remember loved ones, places we've visited, and experiences we've shared. They transport us and trigger emotions. There's nothing greater than watching my clients relive a precious moment through the images I capture.

Whether it's your family, your brand, or your event, I'd love to capture your life and your story through my lens. Reach out today!

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Photos, Video, Web Design, & Event Production All in One

I'm happy to serve couples, families, brands, event planners, and real estate agents with a large selection of media services. While family portraits and private event photography can give you a beautiful way to decorate your walls, short-form videos and product photos can help you grow your brand awareness.

Tell me what you'd like me to capture, and I'll be sure to make you look your best.

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My Values


I want you to feel like you know what's going on every step of the way. While I'm here to answer any questions you have, I also take an active role in keeping you informed with everything I'm doing. If you pay good money, you should get good communication from the person serving you.


To quote Peter Banning—but actually mean it—"My word is my bond." If we agree on a list of deliverables, you'll get each one. If we agree on a price, I won't surprise you with hidden fees. If I set a meeting or session time with you, I'll be there. You deserve dedication from your photographer.


When you or anyone you share with looks at your media, I'm aiming for a "wow!" response. From the sharpness to the vibrance and composition, your edited photos and videos will impress, and that is why I always use professional equipment/software and study the latest creative techniques.

How to Work With Me


Details & Quote

After sending me an initial "hello" message, we'll set up a short time to discuss your needs in detail. I'll use that create a quick quote for you.


Contract & Payment

If the quote fits your budget and I'm the type of guy that fits your vibe, I'll send you a contract and initial invoice. It's made easy online.


Planning & Session

Based on the unique needs of your session, I'll prepare both myself and you for the shoot. If it's portraits, for instance, I'll coach you on what to wear.


Galleries & Prints

Your photos will be developed at the local pharmacy. JK, LOL! After I'm done editing, everything will be delivered online for download or print.

Young couple smiling with the wife's head on the husband's shoulder
Kind Words From Clients

Lauren B.

Mark is fun to work with because he’s kind, easy to talk to, and passionate about what he does. It shows in the excellence of his photos. Plus, he has a great work ethic and always has quick turnaround. I love looking at the photos he delivers because they are always beautiful!


Where are you based out of and are you willing to travel?

I live in Beaver, PA which is just about 30 minutes from Pittsburgh. While my area has tons of beautiful scenery to use as backdrops, I'm definitely willing to travel both in and out of state.

All projects include travel (by car) up to 70 total miles round trip for no added expense. Beyond that, I will include a mileage fee based on the current federal rate.

If airfare and/or hotel accommodations are needed in order to complete your project, I will include those in the quote as well.

How do I prepare for a shoot and get relaxed for the camera?

My motto is "One Step At A Time." Getting relaxed starts with knowing that I'll break your project down into manageable steps that we'll take together—you guessed it—one at a time.

We'll get the details right, then we'll handle the initial invoice, then we'll find a location, then we'll talk wardrobe, then we'll identify key poses, etc., etc.

My goal is to keep us focused on the most important task at hand so that we can build momentum. Since everything will feel like a breeze heading into the shoot, you'll already feel more at peace.

Your only job will be to show up ready to laugh, have fun, and know that I'm going to make you look fabulous.

Will I receive all the pictures you take?

No but you will receive the best ones. At first, this may seem odd. If you're paying for my services, why don't you get everything I take during our time together?

Consider this: if we do a 2-hour family photo session, I could very well take 700 photos. If I shoot an event for you, that number could climb to over 3000. Why such large numbers? Well, not every one of those photos will be keepers. Some of them will be test shots I had to take to get my lighting right. Some of them will have people blinking or yawning in them.

Rather than make you search through hundreds or thousands of photos for the amazing ones you really want to frame or share, I'll put in the work of selecting and editing the very best ones. This ensures that when you open your gallery the only thing you'll need to do is download or order prints. I'll make sure you have an entire album of keepers.

Do you offer options for ordering prints of my photos?

Yes. To make things convenient for you, my gallery is literally a one-stop shop. Not only can you view, share, and download your photos but you can also order prints.

Options range from traditional-sized prints to large wall art, cards, and more. The store even takes your photos and creates mock-ups of them so you know exactly what your print will look like.

And, if my store doesn't offer something special you wanted—like t-shirts, you can always download your photo and utilize another service like VistaPrint.

Why don't I see any direct booking or pricing on your website?

Every type of media I offer is different, and every project I work on is unique. For example, if we're talking family photos, one family may only have four people attending, while another family has 12 people, resulting in a lot more groupings I have to accommodate for. One family may simply want posed pictures at their home, while another family wants to do candid lifestyle photos in the city. From just these two examples you can see how nuanced things can get—and that's just one type of photography.

I want to give you, your family, your brand, or your event the focused attention it deserves. That's why the best thing to do is use my contact page to tell me a little about your needs. I'll set up a discovery call to learn more, build out a proposal, and deliver an accurate quote.

My goal is to exceed expectations for what you really want without missing anything or making you pay for something you don't really need.

How will I get my photos and can I access them forever?

Gone are the days of dark rooms and dropping off film at the local pharmacy. All of my work is taken, edited, and delivered digitally.

Depending on your type of shoot and the number of photos included, you can expect the final images within 1 - 2 weeks. I'll send you an email with a link to your online gallery where you can view, download, print, and share your images. Everything is super easy!

Again, depending on your project, you'll have access to your online gallery for 3 - 6 weeks. Three days before the gallery closes, you'll receive an email reminding you to make any final downloads or print purchases. After that, I can unarchive your gallery for a $50 fee. This is due to the cost of image hosting, as well the time it takes me to re-establish your gallery.

Can I share my photos with anyone?

Yes and no. It all depends on the nature and details of your project. If you're doing engagement photos and you don't mind them being public, I can set the gallery up so that you can share a link to it with anyone you want.

On the other hand, if you're doing a private corporate event and you only want approved people to have access, I can set up restrictions to make that possible. Whatever your requirements are, I can work with you to set them up.

Lastly, I do tend to limit who can download photos for free. For instance, if you do an engagement shoot, I can set it up so that you and your parents are allowed to download the entire album for free. Outside of that, I usually allow anyone else to get 1 or 2 free downloads, but anything beyond that is for a reasonable charge.

What's included in your costs and how is payment handled?

When it comes to photography and video, my costs usually include our planning time, my time and talent the day of our session, and my custom edits of your media. The final digital versions of your photos and video are complimentary. The only thing not included would be any prints you would like, which are purchased à la carte from your gallery.

As for web design and event production projects, they have many more aspects so costs will depend on the specific list of deliverables we create together.

Finally, any necessary airfare, hotel arrangements, and rental equipment would be added to your invoice as separate line items.

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